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12th October Lydden Hill Info



Signing on is between 8.30 and 9.00 with scruitineering between 8.35 and 9.05.   Drivers briefing is at 8.25 in the Hospitality centre above the paddock.  Please bring with you a bar of chocolate.  The paddock will be open from Friday at noon.  Flowers are also accepted.  There is a paddock plan in place so please ensure you speak with the circuit parking team before parking.  Most of you are all aware the paddock is not very big so please bear this in mind and park sensibly.  If no chocolate (or flowers) is received, then a donation to the Marshall fund will be required.  The qualifying times are Production Saloons at 10.10;  Super Saloons at 10.30; Intermarque Silhouettes & SvS saloons at 11.15.  Your races are as follows:

Production Saloons @ 12.05

Super Saloons @ 12.30

Intermarque Silhouettes after lunch @ 13.55

Production Saloons @ 14.55

Super Saloons @ 15.45

Intermarque Silhouettes @ 16.10

As usual prize giving will be approx. 30 mins after the Intermarque race.

If you have any queries, please let me know otherwise see you all on Saturday



Production Saloon and Intermarque Silhouettes Co-Ordinator

Mobile:  07976 929667

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