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Race Licence News

For those of you who no longer read Motorsport News and Autosport, there is an interesting article this week about increased costs for race licences and permits. Motorsport UK have decided to increase the price of what was a National B race licence (now called stage interclub) from £64 to £99. Likewise a National A licence has increased by 47% from £105 to £155. International licences have only increased by 3%.

Also the club per capita permit fees (which is basically the insurance cost) has gone up by 19.2% for each race entry (per driver). Because of this and the likelihood that circuit hire fees are also increasing, it might mean we have to increase entry fees. However, we can mitigate some of the proposed increase if we continue to get good (or better) support for our three series. We are looking at possibly basing entry fees on a minimum average of 20 starters. If we exceed this amount we may be able to offer some form of rebate (depending upon the venue). So this will hopefully encourage more drivers to support us. We are also talking to sponsors, who may  be able to assist in keeping costs down.

This and other items will most likely be discussed at our AGM in January.

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