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2020 race entry forms available

The race entry form is ready and here on the website so you can enter for one or all of the events right now. Click on the box below or here.

Super Saloon and Intermarque Silhouette drivers need to send their entries to Kelly Dann,
Tin Tops drivers to Krissy Taylor, as shown on the bottom of the entry form.

Some drivers have asked about having an online race entry system. It was mentioned at the club’s AGM that this would be both an added costs and a considerable additional work for Kelly and Krissy, so we aren’t using an online system at the moment. Kelly and Krissy are so efficient, especially at simplifying the repeat entries, that the majority are more than happy with the system we have.

Please note that Kelly and Krissy prefer payment via online or mobile banking… it is “the most fabulous way to pay” as it entails minimal work for them. However cheques and cash are also accepted as a distant second option! Thank you everyone.


Entry Forms & Regulations

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