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Our races at Brands Hatch Indy 26th & 27th September 2020 – details

We have today received confirmation from BRSCC that the CMMCS Tin Tops will run on Saturday 26th September. They will have one 30-minute pit-stop race. Refuelling is not permitted. One or two drivers will be permitted and all competitors will incur the same stop penalty ( i.e. you will all have to stop for the same amount of time). Enough time will be given at the pit stop for parts of the car to be sanitized in the event that some cars maybe double driven. (For info from Marcus: at the Bernie’s Sports Racing and V8s pit-stop race last Saturday, the pit stop was for a minimum of 90 seconds not 60).
The Tin Tops entry fee is £350.00. If you trust another registered CMMCS driver to share your car so you can both race then you can share this cost.  All drivers and cars must be CMMCS registered.  We are hoping enough Tin Top drivers/cars take up the entries that we won’t have to allow Super Saloons in; it’s up to you to get your entries in.  Please make me aware if you intend to have two drivers.
Super Saloons combined with Intermarques;  you will have two 15-minute races on the Sunday, 27th September. Again your entry fee is £350.00. Please get your entries in as soon as possible.
I hope this covers everything, although I’m sure one of you will think of something I haven’t!

Kelly Dann

CMMC Southern Registration and Entry Secretary.
07887 797185

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