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New Covid-19 precautions

Important changes from Motorsport UK

The wearing of face masks or coverings is mandatory for everyone (drivers, mechanics, team members, wives, partners etc) at all times while within any motorsport venue, unless while eating or drinking within designated areas. There are no exceptions for health considerations as may previously been the case and if anyone is unable to comply then they should not attend the event. If anyone is caught not wearing a mask they (and their team) will be asked to leave the venue and may face further action from motorsport uk.

MSV will not enforce the wearing of face coverings in spectator areas.

However, bear in mind that Motorsport UK guidance is that motor racing participants and team members should remain in the paddock areas and not mix with the general public. So from now on you and your team members should remain in the paddock, or pit garage whilst you are competing at the venue.

There must be no groups of more than six people in close proximity within the venue at any time, regardless of the precautions undertaken. Teams are advised to park sensibly allowing a reasonable gap between each competitor

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