Classic & Modern Motorsport Club Southern

4th August 2019 Brands Hatch

Brands Hatch GP circuit results August 4th



Mick Robertson                1st and 1st                                                       

Paul Cocksedge                 5th and 2nd

Volker Timm                      2nd and DNF

Colin Smith                         3rd and DNF

Richard Smith                    DNF and DNF


Super Saloons

Class A

Rod Birley                           1st and 1st

Malcolm Wise                   2nd and 2nd

Alan Breck                          3rd and DNF

Andy Woods Dean            DNF and DNF


Class B

Gavin Dunn                        2nd and 1st

Steve Rothery                    1st and DNS

Paul Restall                        DNF and DNS

Steve Dann                         DNF and DNS


Class C

Niall Bradley                      1st and 1st

Dave Cowan                      3rd and 2nd

Paul Nevill                          2nd and DNF


Class D

Danny Brooker                  1st and 1st

Sean Fairweather             2nd and DNS


Class E

Todd Garner                      1st and 2nd

Chris Baker                         DNF and 1st


Production saloons


Ken Angell                          1st and 1st

Dave Charlton                   2nd and 2nd

Rob Methold                     3rd and 3rd

Graham Richardson         DNF and DNS

Alfie Brooker                     DNS and DNS



Dan Fisher                          2nd and 1st

Jon Bevan                           4th and 2nd

Dave Hutchins                   3rd and 3rd

Brad Lane                           1st and DNS

Nick Lunn                           5th and 4th



Kam Tunio                          1st and 1st

Marcus Bicknell                 2nd and 2nd

Chris Bicknell                     3rd and 3rd

Chris Burley                        4th and 4th



Harry Hardy                       1st and 1st

Gideon September           2nd and 2nd

Andy Banham                    3rd and 3rd